Top Chef Padma Lakshmi Naked Hotness And Lingerie Pictures


Here is Padma Lakshmi's nude body from her supermodel days because if you want to see a naked Indian-(American) celebrity she is the only show in town. Sure there are other famous and very beautiful Indian women out there but I haven't seen their bushes so Padma Lakshmi is it. Despite the huge and fucking terrible 7-inch scar between her right elbow and shoulder, she still manage to become a top model. Can you imagine what she could have accomplish without that thing? Her amazing natural breasts make up for the scar though, those things look like they were made for titty fucking. I don't mind the scar because it is from n accident and at least it it not a stupid dumb moment tattoo. I just wish Padma was younger like by 20 years but she still has it for now. Anyway, I have a growing interest in Indian boobs and these naked pictures of Padma is scratching that itch. Click on pictures to enlarge.




Padma Parvati Lakshmi (born September 1, 1970 in Kerala, India) is an Indian American cook book author, actress, and former model who has described herself as the first well-known model from India. She has been the host of the US reality television program Top Chef since season two.

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