Amy Winehouse New Breast Impants Nipple Slip Pictures


I like to start this post off with an apology and a warning. I am sorry for doing this to your eyes and you should only continue beyond this point if you are some kind of freak who like to vomit. Now that you have been warned, prepare to be disgusted. Amy Winehouse got breasts implants but it doesn't change the whole being disgusting thing. Amy was disgusting before the over priced £ 35,000 boob job ($58,000) but now she is disgusting with big boobs which might be worse than before. The doctor who put those things on her chest might very well have put her new 32E boobs on a garbage dumpster and things would have turned out sexier. Anyway, Amy had a wardrobe malfunction in a braless strapless outfit, thus nipple slip and exposing her newly inflated cleavage for the first time since the boob job. The horrible incident took place after the Q Awards while leaving the Gaucho restaurant in London last month. Thus creating the best anti-drug use PSA ever for young women the world over. No girl in her right mind want to end up looking like Ms. Winehouse. She was notorious before for exposing herself but I think things are going to be a whole lot worse post implants. Excuse me while I puke up my lunch. Click on pictures to enlarge.




Amy Jade Winehouse (born September 14, 1983 in Southgate, London, England) is an English soul, jazz, and R&B singer-songwriter.

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