Carrie Prejean Masturbation Stills From Her Leaked Masturbating Video Meant Only For Ex-boyfriend Eyes


Damn, when the American "Gay Mafia" set it sights on destroying a person by digging up every indiscretion, they don't play. And when they are willing to paying a shitload of money to do so, those who cross them better worry. They paid up for a Carrie Prejean mastubation video (or several videos) she made for her boyfriend before she became famous. Now mega-porn company Vivid paid something north of a million dollar to an unnamed person (the ex) for the videos. Carrie's lawyer, threatening to sue Vivid if it releases videos or photos of Carrie. So of course they are testing her lawyers lawyering skills with a few exploratory leaks. It's all the work of the "Gay Mafia" but they use intermediates to keep their hands clean.

I don't know whats there problem... She is only 22 year-old, after all, and only a former Miss California USA, not a politician with real power. And lest we forget, she feels the same way about gay marriage as our own President Obama does. With all the money the American "Gay Mafia" paid to get Obama elected, they do seem foolish for their rage against the California beauty queen. I am feeling sorry for Carrie Prejean because this shit storm she is getting is only because she didn't answer a question at a beauty pageant the Hollywood way and I am expecting her lawyers to send the blog an email for posting these screen caps. But she is so damn hot how can I resist?

Another phrase for instant erection is "Carrie Prejean masturbation sex tape" and the leaks have start. We only have two stills for now but we can see this thing will be the most awesome thing ever. So, you know that former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, admitted to playing with herself for her boyfriend on camera. And through the magic of the Internet, somebody has posted stills from the tape claiming it's her. I can't tell, it sorta looks like her but this is the Gutter Uncensored so you can see and decide for yourself. And since people on the Internet are still rushing to search engines to look for the Carrie Prejean Leaked Pictures or Carrie Prejean Racy Photos or Carrie Prejean Nude Photos. The Gutter Uncensored will provide! And lets this be a lesson to every young woman out there that making a private video for your boyfriend is never a good idea. All that being said, Carrie Prejean is fucking hot as fucking hell. This will be the best solo sex tape of all time. There is a fucking god. And he is fucking great! LOL. Click on pictures to enlarge.

I want her so badly.




Carrie Prejean (born May 13, 1987 in San Diego, California, United States) is a beauty queen and model from Vista, California, is Miss California USA 2009, and placed first runner up in the Miss USA 2009 pageant. She gained nationwide attention over her answer to a question about same-sex marriage.

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