Tracy Ang a.k.a. Sunshine Tracy Doing Her Thing


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Tracy Ang Soo Hua also know as Sunshine Tracy is no stranger to skanky poses on top of cars. She made the newspapers in conservative Singapore for her ultra slutty posing at the Super Import Nights on top of the cars on display and here are a few more pictures. I am not sure of the time-line but thought I would share. Here is a part of the email that was sent to with supposedly a message from her Facebook between her and her boyfriend and with the pictures attached:

Subject: Fw.. Interesting ! BITCH's boyfriend,. driving a Mazda 2 spike Herman.....
Date: Tuesday, 6 October, 2009, 3:03 AM

Another shameless thing this woman did was she is seeing a married man.


Please spread this message around. This woman is from Geylang Lor 15.....Eee....she is so dirty...

Sunshine Tracy I Don't Wanna Miss A thing.. to leave you .. or apart from your life again..
Our love is Closer.. and Deeper.. for One.. can imagine.
I Love you.. Spike Herman.. Forevers yours..

Spike Spiker at 9:13am July 16

Lovin u always and forever my Sunshine... with our closer and deeper love..

Spike Spiker at 8:18am July 15

i may be the beast in this ... and sunshine's always the beauty ... but we'll always celebrate the love ...

Spike Spiker at 8:19am July 13

there's ONLY ONE Disco Stick YOU can dance with...

Please spread this message around

That is the word from the anonymous tipster. Anyway, only two pics were sent so kinda lame but it will have to do for now. The GutterUncensored is in a dormant mode since the last time they disabled the blog. But it will return full force very soon. Until then we are avoid posting anything too controversial just to avoid Blogger/Google from disabling or dumping the entire blog again. Just so that you guys have access to the archive.

Here are the two skanky posing pictures of the daring Singaporean model that found herself the center of attention in Singapore fort being such a little skank. You just know there are a ton of x-rated pictures of this skank sitting on some dude's PC somewhere in Singapore. Damn asshole refusing to share his skank's pictures with I bet some of Spike's friends have a few x-rated shots of his skank too. God I love the word "skank" so much. Click on pictures to enlarge.



Tracy Ang Soo Hua better known as Sunshine Tracy (born on December 13, 1976 in Singapore) is a Singaporean freelance model who came to media attention after accidentally exposing too much of herself at the Super Import Nights at Expo. Sunshine Tracy revealed her crotch in upskirt pictures revealing her underwear and pubic hair.


Thousands of pictures were taken, send what you have of Sunshine Tracy to so it can be posted.


Thanks to an anonymous contributor.

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