Japanese Couples Caught With Their Pants Down And In The Act In The Backseat Of Their Cars


These are some funny pictures of Japanese couples fucking in their cars and caught pants down. The pictures are funny for the expressions on their faces when they realize someone is recording the act. Not sure if the couples are having affairs or men visiting street prostitutes or just normal couples who could not afford hotel room to bonk and decided to fuck in the car instead. Most likely they were fucking in some popular spots for a quickie. I am sure even your town has a place like this to get some in the backseat. But in this instant, people are taking pictures and pulling some pranks on all these horny couples. And from Japan to the rest of the world via the Internet, these couples might have been doing this for some excitement and now they have become amateur pornstars on the World Wide Web.

The best part is that because of what they were doing in public they could not and cannot call the police on the person taking the pictures. And because it is in Japan, the photographer knew no one had a gun. You can't try crazy shit like this in America without the chance you might get shot. LOL... I don't know why the photographer is doing this but it could be someone pissed their neighborhood is the towns quickie spot or just some pervert having a good time. Anyway, the best series in this set of many couples having sex in the backseat is the one with the dude going for his sword. No homo, dude had a real sword. Japanese really carry around swords these days? Look at the expression on the faces. Enjoy the pictures! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Go find a hotel!

Source: http://www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com

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