Coco Is Someone's Beauty Of The Week And Her Skanky Big Butt Twitter Attention Whore Pictures


Coco, who is the wife of Ice-T, is well known online and in the Hip Hop music industry as one of the skankiest big ass white bitches on the west coast. In this video interview below with 50 Cent by BooBooTV's Beauty of the Week she talks about how she met Ice-T, the Get Up video and how she was suppose to be in it, how she blew up, her "sexy body" and much more skankiness. And, I recently discovered that Coco a.k.a. Nicole Austin has her own Twitter account and as you would expect she is attention whoring up a storm on it by posting very racy provocative photos of herself. Which almost violate the terms of service agreement she agreed to when she signed up. But where would Twitter be without female celebrities attention whoring and skanking up a storm with their tweets? I will tell you... Twitter would be no way. The folks there should be worried about losing the younger attention whores like Miley Cyrus or they will be the next Myspace. But Twitter could do without the ghetto booty white girls like Coco. Click on pictures to enlarge.



Nicole Austin better known as Coco (born in 1979 in Palos Verdes, California, USA) is an American glamour model and former striper. She began dancing and acting during her childhood and teenage years. Once becoming an adult, Austin began to modeling in swimsuit competitions, calendars, catalogs and videos. Once becoming a model, Austin enlarged her breasts to 39DD. In 1999, she married Mike Williams, but they divorced in 2003. In 2005, Austin married rapper Ice-T.

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