Student in Malaysia: Cops Beat Me Black and Blue


Lately, we get block or removed every time something is posted on this blog relating to Malaysia. But I am really dumb so thats not stopping me. Over the weekend the blog was down for about four hours from what I can tell, after posting a video of a dude getting the fuck beat out of him. Anyway, here is another guy who got roughed up by authorities in Malaysia. He is NOT the same guy in the video posted over the weekend. This new guy is Koh Chon Weng, his friend sent this email to early on Monday:

Dear Mr. Gutter,

Well, my good friend.. Recently got arrested for no reason and was beaten up by the police in Malaysia. The Police now covering-up the story saying my friend's injuries which is self-inflicted!!! LMAO~ Self-inflicted so nicely on the EYES & back? You can google it "Koh Chon Weng", its already in the news websites and article. I hope you can do something about or post it up and let more people know about the injustice of PDRM. Please help me and my friend, mr gutter! ;(

These are the few links: >>> This is better version.


Here is an Youtube video of 20 year-old college student Koh Chon Weng telling his story alongside his lawyer with I think, his parents in the background.

So, at first I was not going to post this but the dude got balls going public in such a fascistic country so I had to help.

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