Joe Jackson Was The Best Father Ever


So, ever wonder why Michael Jackson was so damn fucked up? Look to the family, specifically his dad Joe Jackson for the answer. The only thing Joe is grieving is the recent loss of his meal ticket. In one of the most bizarre Jackson family moments ever, Michael Jackson's father gave his first public interview Sunday at the BET Awards in Los Angeles. Just a warning, this is really difficult to watch especially at the 3:12 mark when Joe barely musters the strength to plug his new record label. Joe was very short with his answers about Michael, understandably heavy conversation for a red carpet interview. But Joe Jackson did take the time to plug record label Ranch Records. Heartbreaking stuff here, Joe Jackson is just plugging away before his son's body is even in the ground.

Damn, what an evil old man? I guess Michael Jackson is dead and cannot bring in money anymore so he is useless to Joe now. Joe jackson showed himself to be a real bastard to come on television plugging his new label. His wife and family should divorce him, like I think Michael Jackson basically did.

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