Bai Ling Goes Topless And Braless At A Party In Germany


She doesn't need a top or a bra? Bai Ling accessories with her own cancerous looking nipples. Clad only in a tiny mini skirt and some sort of fur wrap she gave everyone a titty show. You've got to love her because you know every time she is out in public she’s going to show us her freakishly long nipples. Those things look cancerous, no joke because they really do look like out of control tumors. I'm starting to wonder if maybe she Botox them, and has lost all feeling in her nipples, so she can never tell when they are exposed. I guess Bai Ling and/or her huge nipples are big in Germany or something. She was invited to the "Movie Meets Media" party in Hamburg on Monday night. Once there, she played the part of Bai Ling perfectly, flashing her nipples and dancing around like a horny chicken with its head cut off. No hot starlet nipple slipping here, just crazy Bai Ling being crazy Bai Ling with her monstrous nipples. Click on picture to enlarge.




Bai Ling (traditional Chinese: 白靈; simplified Chinese: 白灵; pinyin: Bái Líng; born October 10, 1970 in Chengdu, Sichuan, China) is a Chinese-born American actress.

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